About Smart Shopper's Club

We are deal finders, fun hunters, and all around lovers of The Firelands Community. We think we've found a way to help people and Merchants   simultaneously, and it goes something like this:

1. We work hard to find entertaining and useful products and services from local businesses.
2. Through Collective Buying Power, customers get an incredible and hard to pass up deal — plus the warm feeling that goes with it.
3. Businesses increase their numbers, get exposure, and bring in new clients.

Headquartered in The Firelands area, we employ a team of passionate individuals who all bring their best to the table. The Entrepreneur, computer whiz, and   negotiating master.

We know it’s important to have locals in the communities we work with, because after all, insiders know the ins & outs of their towns — So there is a smiling   face in each Smart Shopper's Club city to provide above & beyond customer service.